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Golf Course Irrigation, Westchester Golf Course

1-9-18 Irrigation: It’s below zero and you are talking about Irrigation?

Yes!  It’s winter and I am talking about irrigation.  That is what I have been working on this morning.  Clubhouse irrigation, not designing it, not installing it, not running it, but updating the installation prints.2018-pg-ch-irrig.jpg
Every time you see Jason, Noah, or any other crew member looking around trying to find something in the ground they pull out a notebook (or call me on the radio).   The notebooks are prints of what is in the ground.  Unfortunately, these easy to carry print books don’t magically get handed to you when you build a golf course.  This is what we were handed.  6 months after we opened.  That big blank spot in the lower left is the clubhouse irrigation.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

That is where I come in spending a huge amount of hours on the computer in the winter updating the print books.  The first photo is what I worked on today.  It is very close but I will have to wait until spring to confirm everything is correct.  You can see this also includes piping.  I will confer with Jim and Jason to see if they installed it based on my design.  (Changes are always made in the field.)

If you are thinking that can’t take that much time!  You are correct.  But I update the Hazard marking prints, bunker rake total prints, drainage prints, rope stake prints.  Then every other year I print updates, laminate and bind them to make them waterproof and user friendly when out on the course.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So irrigation was today.  Not sure what I will work on tomorrow, I still have to get in about 50 hours of webinars before my 2019 birthday to maintain my certification.  That is how I spend every winter.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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