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3-9-18 Time For A Change…

It’s time for spring and golf to really get started.  This weekend we Spring forward an hour meaning we continue to gain minutes and push daybreak back an hour.  So Sunday March 11 sunrise will be 7:47 and sunset will be 7:34.  We gain time each day and by the end of the month we pick up an hour of daylight.

With that change coming so will start my crew coming back.  Some will be starting Wednesday and we will keep coming back and adding replacements until we reach full staff.

Plans for this year starting off is to get the course back to where we left it last November.  Traditionally it takes about a month of full time work to repair the damage from winter flooding, get the greens smooth from frost heaves, reclaim the edges of the tees, clean the cart paths, and get the bunkers back to playable.

We then get back to bunker upgrades, we will finish the tree work on #10/18 hillside and get that mulched.  We have a lot of tree stumps that will be ground and seeded.  There will be construction happening on the left of #16/17 as well as #11 for new homes.

From there we will see what time we have left to make more improvements.

Mark Novotny CGCS



One thought on “3-9-18 Time For A Change…

  1. Wow! You got a crew? That’s awesome! When are you mowing greens? I’ll be by to see you soon! I’ll update my web page soon.


    Posted by Darden | March 9, 2018, 5:57 pm

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