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Westchester Golf Course

3-23-18 The end is near…

Well, the tree behind #9 green is on its way out.  It has been here long before the golf course and has reached the end of its life cycle.  Each year more and more branches succumb to disease and rot and needed to be cut out.  Well today we took out the remaining limbs to leave a formidable stump.

Mid Ohio Tree Service was by to give us a price to work on the trees that may become dangerous.  Anything diseased, dead, hollow, and possibly dangerous in the future that needs work.  All of these trees are above our capabilities to safely remove by needing a bucket truck or very large chain saws with experienced arborists.

They will be cutting the remaining stump and grinding it below ground so we may plant another tree in its place.  I am looking to replace it with a tree that is low maintenance.  Small leaves, doesn’t drop branches, needs little attention since it is in an irrigated area.  So the search is on.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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