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3-26-18 NO Weeping Willow by the pond!

I keep getting suggestions for planting a Weeping Willow to replace the removed Red Maple.  No NO NO!  Just in case you are a salesman and need to hear no three times before giving up.

Here is an article about Weeping Willows

We have a few willows, if they are out-of-the-way in the natural areas by the ponds like on #7 & #9 where we do not have to keep the area clean and not anywhere near a drain line they are good.  To the right of #10 tees they are leaving a constant mess to clean up. They drop branches and leaves in the thunderstorms that need to be cleaned.

There is a purpose for the location of the willows on #10.  If you notice they are planted in a depression that holds water and has a landscape bed around it.  They were planted to use the water in that depression early after construction before we had a trencher to add a drain line.  The willows solved the water accumulation and dead grass.  Now we would trench a drain line down the right side of the tees and daylight it onto the cart path to get to the inlet on the other side of the path.

Don’t be surprised if these two willows go away when the roots start to encroach on the tee surfaces.  We will be root pruning yearly to try to keep them away but they will eventually break through and the trees will have to come out.

The tree I am looking for is the Lacebark Elm.  It has a good bark look, small leaves, doesn’t shed branches.  It is a street tree in Reynoldsburg.  Lacebark ElmAny city that plants a tree near the street will choose one that doesn’t drop branches (on cars), deep rooting (so it doesn’t break up sidewalks or roadways), small leaves (so they don’t clog storm drains).  Easy to grow, the citys don’t have time to babysit thousands of street trees.  If it will work for them it will work for us.

Mark Novotny CGCS




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