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4-10-18 What’s Happenin’ Now?

Well, the weather is not cooperating with us very well.  The variety of grass we have just doesn’t like cold weather.  It stops growing or stays brown when we hang around the 30’s or get frost.  So, we are still brown even though we have cut greens, collars, approaches twice.  The last greens mowing the guys were pulling up sand from last October’s aerification.  That means the grass is shaved down making them pretty speedy for this time of the year.  The forecast isn’t overwhelming.4-2018 weather

After this weekend of 70’s we have 2 more days in the month that are forecast to hit 70.  You can see nights are in the low 40’s and a few bouncing in the 30’s.  That means it will be a while before we see lush green grass.

The next issue is we are scheduled to aerify greens next week.  I am afraid to put holes into the greens that are just not growing enough for a quick recovery.  It looks like we will be putting holes in the greens mid season to get the water to penetrate the thatch.


That is the main reason we aerify every spring and fall with large holes so we don’t have to punch holes mid season.  Don’t be surprised to see us dust off the Hydroject and do a couple of holes every day throughout the season.

The last thing we are finishing up is the flood cleanup (again).  We should be full force Friday on #14 to get the corn stalks and grass that has been washed onto the couse.

We will be out with the flail mower to chop up the debris and follow it up with the Jacobsen pull behind sweeper hopefully we will be able to get the debris up before the next rain over the weekend.

The final thing I am finishing up is a new golf ball display rack.  This is to replace the ones on the counter where this should hold 22 dozen golf balls for you to choose from.Ball Sales Rack

That’s it for now until the weather changes and changes our plans for next week.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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