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Golf Course Flooding & Debris, Westchester Golf Course

6-24-18 Wow, what a month so far.

Let’s start with the weather.  Rain and more rain, plus a flooded course without rain!  So, what I am talking about is since May 1st we have had 30 of 53 days with rain totaling 10.01″.  Last week on Sunday, we were flooded.  We didn’t get the rain but upstream in Pataskala and New Albany they took between 2-4″ so we flooded for a few hours.  Thursday we took 1.5″ with more up north and we were flooded Friday and Saturday.

Last Friday I was spraying greens and in the middle of the 3rd green my sprayer died and had to be towed to the shop.


Sprayer being Towed back to the shop for diagnosis and repair.

We narrowed it down to the ignition system.  Now this is my new sprayer, a 300 gallon SDI purchased as a demo in 2006 which is a 2002 model.  Unfortunately, they only used this engine about 3 years and it is discontinued along with most of the repair parts.  We traced it down to be a Suzuki engine used in worldwide automotive until 1998.  Right now it is at Kuhn turf trying to track down suitable parts.  We have a 1980 Suzuki Samurai rebuilt ignition on order from Amazon to see if it will replace the malfunctioning one.

In the mean time… we applied granular fungicide to the remaining greens.  But that will only buy us about 10 days and I have nothing to apply with for my tees and fairways.  We are piecing together my original 200 gallon 1997 SDI.  We haven’t used it for the last three years when I converted to boom-less spraying.  We are having trouble building suitable pressure in the pump.

While Noah and Steve are working on the sprayer the rest of the crew have been maintaining the turf with four day mowing schedules because of early shotgun tournaments the last few weeks.  The event days we have been working on the front entrance, clubhouse and bunkers.

Number 7 green side bunker has been refilled with sand.  The outside will be getting soil and sod when we can get some dry topsoil from our compost area.

We also removed most of the old sand on 15 green side until we were chased out of the bunker by you guessed it…more rain.


So tomorrow starts a new week.  The weather is rain on Wednesday only.  Hopefully it will be dry enough to get soil into the bunkers and get ready for sod.  The week of the 4th you will see Noah and myself with some help to dig some trenches to help get the water off the cart paths quicker.  These are going to be long and deep if we have enough elevation change to make my ideas work.

Mark Novotny CGCS



One thought on “6-24-18 Wow, what a month so far.

  1. Mark it’s definitely been warner than normal and wetter. Hang in there sir! Darden


    Posted by Darden | June 25, 2018, 11:48 am

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