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7-4-18 Happy 4th update:

I should be at work right now still working on projects but our rental excavator developed an oil leak and the replacement won’t be here until tomorrow.  Only a couple of pictures to start but I will grab more later this week.


What is currently happening is we rented an excavator for the week.  We needed to collect the remaining tree debris from the stream outlet.  Find out what is causing the big hole to the right of #11 tees since we repaired it a few years ago.  Finish the drain line on the Driving Range that was started in November.  Reset the 12″ line at #12 pond, remove the weir at #13, deepen the drain line on #13, clear the drain outlets at #11, add a new drain line left of #14 cart path, dig out the car, and there are a few more I don’t remember right now.  The list had 20 items we wanted to accomplish while we had the rental.  So several are completed ready for normal detail work with our existing equipment.

I know the next stop is left of #14 to add a drain line from the Sycamore to the SWREB by the green.  The preliminary grade will allow us to move the water from the flooding area to the SWREB for holding while clearing the cart path.  If this works as planned (most of my crazy ideas do) we will get less water sitting on the path while the river is still at the top of the banks.  This tied into #17 drain addition we should see some earlier golf on the back nine with the water up.  It may be sloppy golf but it will be golf.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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