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9-24-18 The drainage on #13

I have had a few questions about the mess we made on #13.  Here is the story.  This is the beginning of a 5 year project to get the drainage crossing back to the original depth and condition it was when we were built.

With annual flooding the silt has filled in the drainage about 3 feet in most cases.  This is causing the drains to the left of the fairway and in front of the tees to hold water long after the design standards.  This first step is cleaning out some of the silt and give these drains a chance to work properly.  We have removed the silt about 5 feet wide and 4 feet deep.


This generated a lot of material that will be used to increase the height of the existing berms on the left side of the hole.  The closest to the path is used when flooded to move carts to the green while avoiding driving on the fairway.  The one closer to the property line is to stop the flooding from the detention basin at the school stopping the water from coming onto the fairway.


This is the first part, in future years we will increase the width to make it more aesthetically pleasing from a players perspective.  Right now we are concentrating on water movement.  We will also need to clean the outflow to it’s original level to move water at the original build.

Right now the piles are cleaned up and when it dries out we will prep and reseed the bank.  We will be smoothing the piles on the left and getting seed on them as well.

Trivia:  We never found the drain lines from the green, green side bunkers or the fairway bunker.  Even with this depth we are over the irrigation line from the fairway side to the green side.  We will keep looking as we progress.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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