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Much To Do About Nothing, Westchester Golf Course

11-1-18 Stupid things I do when I have time to kill.

I see a lot of golf… Most of the time I do not watch the golfer hitting (I don’t want to stress them out by having a gallery.) I listen for the hit and pick up the ball in flight and see if I can help them locate the golf ball (when I have time).  Most of the time I am looking in the Natural.

So I had some time to kill today.  Got on Google Earth and was measuring the width of our landing areas. The cut rough from outside the cart path to the other side of the hole. The designer told me one time when we were measuring yardages for the score card that the landing areas from the black tees were designed to be between 250-275 yards for the par 4’s and 275-300 yards for the par 5’s.  That is where you would normally see the fairway bunkers placed.

To put the results into perspective:  What I learned as that if you hit into the natural off the tee (depending on the distance) it would be the equivalent of standing on the roof of the press box at OSU Stadium on the 50 yard line 265 yards away and missing the football field outside of the end zone.

Let that sink in for a moment…

Actually it’s not exactly true.  But it is very close, the average distance of cut rough in our landing areas for par 4’s & 5’s is 97 yards wide.  Number 15 is 120 yards.

#15 yardage 211-2

Next time you drive a ball in the Natural put it in perspective you missed a football field and that you may not be having a great round.  Focus on hitting the fairway and your scores should come down.

More rain today…yesterday 1.9″.  We’ll see how bad the flooding will be.

Mark Novotny CGCS





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