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Golf Course Additions, Westchester Golf Course

11-13-18 Spring Flowers!

p4270035.jpgYesterday in the 30’s they guys were thinking spring.  I had them out planting flowers for next year.  Around the bottom of the Westchester Sign and next to #1 tees.  The reason for this was I got a great deal on mums for next year and spring bulbs.  So the guys were out planting 325 bulbs and mums, then hit them with a layer of protective mulch for the winter.  If things work out as planned we will see many new flowers next spring!

This is what went in the ground.  Later I will get you updated on the past season.  This has been a year of behind the scenes work.  Like yesterday’s planting a lot of work we did would not be noticed.  Once I get a chance to sort the photos, I will get you caught up on what we did.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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