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12-3-18 Final projections are in!

Well, as you know we had the help wanted sign out all season.  We were short staffed all season.  The final projections are in…we had the lowest numbers of any year on record from 2003.  Prior to that I don’t have accurate computer payroll records.

That means that this year we will have run 11,914 labor hours.  Our target number is 16,000.  Since 2003 we have averaged 16,526 per season.  Prior to that we were higher, closer to 18-20,000.  That is when we walk mowed greens, collars, drop areas and weedeated all pond and stream banks to the waters edge weekly.  It took us 44 hours a week to cut rough, we had 73 bunkers and it took 5 people per day to keep them raked.

We started reducing the labor hours when it became more favorable to have a more natural look for public golf and we increased the natural around ponds and streams moved it closer to the tees.  We also started removing bunkers.  We are now have 38.

What this means for the future…I don’t know.  On one hand it shows we can maintain the course with very low numbers.  On the other hand it shows that when our guys start to retire we are not getting applicants to fill the experience gap. 

Bunker improvements and renovations will come to a crawl.  This year we rebuilt #7 greenside and #15 greenside.  The lowest number of bunker improvements in years, 2017 season we did 13 and in 2016 we did 9.

That is it for today.  I will be taking a few days off to visit with my sister but I am still available.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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