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9-24-18 The drainage on #13

I have had a few questions about the mess we made on #13.  Here is the story.  This is the beginning of a 5 year project to get the drainage crossing back to the original depth and condition it was when we were built. With annual flooding the silt has filled in the drainage about … Continue reading

6-24-18 Wow, what a month so far.

Let’s start with the weather.  Rain and more rain, plus a flooded course without rain!  So, what I am talking about is since May 1st we have had 30 of 53 days with rain totaling 10.01″.  Last week on Sunday, we were flooded.  We didn’t get the rain but upstream in Pataskala and New Albany … Continue reading

4-10-18 What’s Happenin’ Now?

Well, the weather is not cooperating with us very well.  The variety of grass we have just doesn’t like cold weather.  It stops growing or stays brown when we hang around the 30’s or get frost.  So, we are still brown even though we have cut greens, collars, approaches twice.  The last greens mowing the … Continue reading

2-26-18 Cart paths are clear! All 18 open!

Noah & I went out this morning and cleaned the paths after dodging water under the bridge, #12, #13 mid fairway, and #14  mid fairway.  These still had 10-12″ of water across the path but we worked through it and scraped and rotary broomed the paths. So, just to let you know everything is very … Continue reading

2-24-18 Flooding update:

Well there is a flood warning out for 17 counties in Ohio.  I am sure we are included.  As of this morning we were not flooded, but I just checked and we took 1.12″ of rain today with another .81 overnight. If we are not flooded by morning I would be pleasantly surprised.  We did … Continue reading

8-26-17 Bunker Update: #10 Green Side Renovation

We finished #8 Fairway on the left and #10 Green Side this week.  It started with the July 13th flood week. So, we were forced to completely renovate the bunker.  We remove all of the sand, edge to correct the shape. Since the bunker was renovated in 2007 I know the drainage is to grade. … Continue reading

7-30-17 Flood Debris: Where does it go?

The record setting flood of July 13-14 dumped some major sized debris on the course.  In actuality it wasn’t as bad as other floods that we deal with every winter.  The silt wasn’t as deep and we did not have farm field harvest litter (corn stalks and soybean plants) to pick up. What it did … Continue reading



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