Crew Count 2017

11-21-17  It’s back to Noah & myself full time.  Jim, Jordan, Doug, Grant, and Jason will stop by this winter when we need an extra hand.  We will be back at it when the weather breaks in the spring.  See you in 2018.  

8-7-17  Lost Mitch & Jesse to school in the last two weeks.  Will be losing Ted & Jordan II in another two weeks.  Just started Jake today.  We will need at least two more mower guys to finish the season.  Total is 18, later this fall we lose Steve and Jones is moving to a new location.

6-18-17  I project we will need one more person that can work full time through the season to November.  We currently have everyone back and we have 20 crew on staff.

1-20-17  Jordan is here to help out.  He has done some painting and is heading out to pick up the trash and clean up the greens from goose droppings and small twigs on #17.

11-18-16  Last day for the team this season.  Seems weird since it is 75 degrees.  We will be back at it early spring.

7-28-16  Holding Steady (for now).  We lose two August 15 and a third Sept 1st.  Still looking to hire 3 more with no real applicants in site.

6-22-16 We are up to 20 time cards.  This pay we ran enough hours for 12.28 full time people.  Noah and Mason accounted for enough overtime to be an extra .75 of a person.

5-8-16 This week we finally can start Russ back to cut fairways.  Until now we have only needed to cut once a week.  The rough is just kicking in now and the tees and greens are still growing slower.  I am starting two new guys to round out our summer staff.

4-18-16 This week we start at 7:00 for a week or so then back to 6:30.  This weekend we start working now that the crappy weekend weather looks like it will let us work.  So the weekend help finally gets started!

3-8-16  Jordan, Jones and Mac started back yesterday!  Larry, Jason & Bob are scheduled for next Monday.

3-2-16  We are starting Jordan & Mac back on Monday the 7th.  With Larry, Dennis, and the weekend Starting the 14th.  Then we will add new crew after that until we get fully staffed.

9-20-15  We are running at bare minimum.  We could use 1-2 part time morning guys to get my experienced guys on project completion around the clubhouse earlier in the day.

6-12-15  We are full for the year!

5-17-15 Added Jon a couple of weeks ago.  We still need about another three of the perfect candidates to round out our crew for the season.  We need a couple of full time for daily set-up/projects and one part time fairway/rough mower operator.

4-12-15  Masters week!  The help wanted sign has been up for a week and no applicants.  The ones that have come in want $15 per hour.  (So does everyone else.)  We start greens aerification on Monday.  

3-29-15  The forecast look very favorable for play!  We have Larry starting back full time and is ready to get the range set up to open.  We have most of the back-9 flooding debris cleaned up thanks to the current crew: Jordan, Doug, “Nice Guy” Jones, Dennis “Mac”, Jason, and new guys…Bob & Trace.  Of course Noah is keeping the equipment running.  This weekend we should welcome back Kyle,Mike, Ernest, Jim.

3-7-15  The forecast look very favorable for a slow thaw next week so we should not have major flooding!  I am projecting starting back the week of the 24th at the latest.

2-24-15  Noah & I are frozen.  With the morning temp being -8° we decided not to try to heat the building to working temperature.  So, we have another work from home day.

2-9-15  Noah is working on projects that we never seem to have time for during the season.  Josh is painting.  So that is our crew…2 part time.

11-21-14  I am down to Noah part time.  Everyone else is off for the winter.

10-10-14  We are losing Art but gained Carol.  She is catching on so hopefully she can get the hang of things quickly.  We are holding steady at 22 time cards.

9-21-14  We are holding steady at about 25 total.  We actually run about the equivalent of 11 full-time employees.  We lose Art on October 10th after aerification. After that the weather will dictate what we can accomplish and how much play we get to keep going.

7-13-14  We are getting Larry back starting tomorrow as well as starting a new hire (Fred).  We are losing Jason Morris who is moving to Boulder Colorado for grad school in Physics.  If you are out there playing golf at Boulder Country Club keep an eye out for him, I was able to make contact with a former employee from NACC and he should be starting there once he is settled in.

3-26-14  We have started the group on the 19th.  Returning are: Kitty, Bob, Sam, ‘Nice Guy’ Jones, Gary, Doug, Jordan, Austin, Mike, Kyle,and of course still working are Noah and Zach.  First new hire is Jason.

3-18-14  We just lost Larry, Charly, and Mac(at least for a while).  Two of three are not returning because of other jobs.  Mac may be able to return later this season.  So , I am looking for some new people to fill in.

3-16-14  We are starting Back March 19th at 9:00 am.  Then we will start the weekend schedule immediately on the 22& 23.  We will also be changing start time to 8:00 am on that weekend.

2-25-14  I am projecting getting crew started on March 19.  That way we have time to gather all of the debris from the winter flooding.  I should be contacting returning crew starting this week.

1-15-14  We have 30 hours per week for the winter.  Zach & Noah are splitting that while Zach is at school and at his other job.  With the new tees being planned and the flooding cleanup we will start recalls and new hires as soon as the weather breaks.

9-2-13  We have lost our teachers for the season and are going to add two new persons to our staff.  We will be at 24 time cards and have a staff labor hours for less than 11 full-time employees.

8-1-13  We are planning a Nathan’s Hot Dog bash followed by golf when we can get an open date.  Summer teachers are leaving around the 15th.  We are holding steady at 25 for another week or two.

7-19-13  We will be having Pizza and a golf outing.

6-4-13  Summer teachers are arriving this week.  So my experienced help is arriving.  So more training will be on the horizon.  Now, the question will the new crew embrace what needs to be done on a golf course as much as the returning crew.  I guess that will determine if they will be returning next season.  I have 24 time cards this pay period.  I should be adding three and losing one.  Next pay should be 26.

5-10-13  We are burning through the hours trying to get things cut down to a playable height.  I will do time cards in a couple of days so I can give you a more detailed update.  But for now, we are getting people trained and they are starting to learn that this is not fun and games.  That every task has its good points and its bad points, most of all there is a sense or urgency to stay ahead of play.  Last two pays we ran enough labor hours to have 12 full-time staff here even though there are very few that hit 40 hours.  I think I did 24 time cards.

4-10-13  Have 30 time cards for people who have said they want to work.  Haven’t heard from a couple of them for a month or more so I am not sure if they are really interested.  Everyone is part-time seasonal except a hand full which are getting almost 40 hours prepping for the tournament last weekend and getting the course ready for daily play.  Still need some good mechanic work done.  The carts repaired still need work to be operational and we haven’t had time to do them with fixing mowers.  Hope the fairways and rough don’t start too soon  we don’t have a fairway or rough mower available for cutting.

3-15-13  Busy Day…Hired Two mechanics (both part-time) hired one crew person.  All are starting next week along with a guy that applied a couple of weeks ago.  I don’t normally get excited about applicants that I can’t start right away because most people needing jobs can’t wait a couple of weeks to start so I lose them to other employers.  So, this week we will be full of newbies.  Next week I will start another one or two, and then another one or two the week after.  And so the season goes…Adding one or two each week untill we reach our fill.  Unfortunately, we also lose just as many as we start…OK, about half, we actually go through about 45 employees per year in maintenance.  (We only need 14 full-time.) 

3-13-13  By myself again yesterday and today…Dennis started on Monday.  He decided he only wants to mow and do normal maintenance things.  So he will be off for a while until the weather stays warm and we can do the things he wants to do.

Bob stopped by today, he will come in tomorrow and see if he is feeling well enough to get some stuff done on the course.  The goal is to blow the goose droppings, roll, and change cups before the weekend.  The weather is not cooperating with my plans.  Things should get better on Monday, Jason will be back from school for two weeks and the weather is forecast to break on Tuesday.

3-4-13  Noah has started part-time 1-1/2 days per week.  Jim said he will be able to work a couple of hours(3) on Wednesday evening.  Planning on starting Dennis McKinster full-time Monday the 11th.

2-25-13  I am working by myself now.

2-18-13  Jim will be leaving us at the end of the week.  He was offered a position that will pay him what he is qualified to earn.  He is over qualified for what we pay, I will miss his ability to get things fixed quickly and with a great eye for detail.

1-7-13  It is me and Jim (the new mechanic).  We are first starting on the ball picker while we wait on parts for the sand rake.  Then to the second sand rake.

12-21-12  We are down to me. Steve is heading down to Florida for three months.  Jason is starting school after the first of the year.  So, for the next couple of weeks it is me.

12-13-12  And then there were 3.  We are working on equipment and getting ready for winter so it is myself, Jason, and Steve.

11-26-12  We are down to 5 time cards.  Jason and Myself are full-time and Bob, Dennis, and Steve are part-time.  Dennis will be ending this Thursday.  We are not sure how long Bob will be working, it depends on the weather and if his bush hog will remain operational.

10-9-12  I have 25 time cards including mine (yes I keep track of my hours).  I also keep track of the hours for the rest of the staff.  Right now my 25 people are putting in enough hours to be the equivalent to 12–40 hour per week employees.  That means except for myself, Grant and Jason the rest are part-time and some have very little time per week.  Like 8 hour or less.  If you put this in a comparison there are 23 people working 400 hours per week.  You can see why it takes a long time for us to get things completed.  You also have to realize that 5 of those 23 are retired and range from 62-70.  Not normally guys we throw into hand shoveling bunker sand all day when it is 90 degrees.  Oh yes of course we have one lady that is a retired school teacher and golf coach.

5-9-12     I wish I had an answer.  I started two new guys yesterday and today, took down the help wanted sign.  Hired another two or three…I can’t keep track anymore with trying to keep the course sprayed.  The new guys start next week, hope they stay for a while.  Looking for an assistant in training (foreman– until trained) to help Grant and myself run the course.  It is all we can do to keep it going and train new crew.  When school lets out I will get back some experience when the teachers start back.  Even then, it is only for 8 weeks.



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