New Back Tee Additions… #2, #5.

We are adding new “Pro Tees” on holes #2 and #5. 

I know you think I am crazy but here is why I would do such a thing…

Trying to balance the course from the “Back Tees”.  As of right now the front nine has a yardage of 3438.  The back nine yardage is 3682.  With a difference of 244 yards I would like to get the nines closer to a more balanced course.2 5 composite

Why would I extend these two holes?  That is the only remaining holes where I can make changes.  All other holes are land locked.  Besides, from the blue tees three of the par threes…2,12, and 17 usually play approximately the same yardage.  By extending #2,  I will be able to bump back the tees since the “Black tee” would have a maximum distance of 250 yards gaining 21 yards.

The new tees on #5 would move the “Black tees” to 550 from 528 gaining another 22 yards and changing the perspective of that hole.  With those changes the differential would be 201 yards unless I can squeak out another couple of yards to get the differential below 200.

8-15-13  We had a neighbor add a pool and we received all of the soil.  So you will see #5 with major piles of soil on the top.  These will need to be leveled and settled so we may proceed with the project

I don’t know how soon the changes will be completed but I am keeping an eye on how the tee bases are settling.  I have returned to alter both areas in the past two years because of settling.  If I don’t wait I will have to rebuild the tees within a year or two.

Additional information is under construction…



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