New Orange Tees

We will be adding new tees to the course.  This is not just one hole but all holes.  These will be shorter tees to make the game more enjoyable to the beginner and short hitters who still love the game.  We are doing this because for most players they are playing the course longer making it frustrating and less enjoyable.

History and par is based on the skilled player lets say handicap 0-5 each would be allowed two putts to complete the hole to achieve par.  So par 3’s would take one shot, par 4’s would take two, and par 5’s would take three to reach the green “in regulation”.

Newer players just don’t have the practice to hit the ball far enough to achieve the green in regulation form our existing tees.  Also, our senior players that love the game hit the ball straight but no longer possess the strength and flexibility to get to the green in regulation from our existing tees.  Hence the desire to make a shorter set of tees so all players can move up as desired.

So, since I believe the game should be enjoyable to play.  Which means that I would like a chance at a birdie putt once in a while (that makes it more fun for me) I need to increase my distance off the tees or reduce my distance I play each hole.  It is time for me to MOVE UP!

In 2014 we located the tees and we built the tees on 2 & 17.  They will be open the start of 2015.

During the 2015 season we will be building the permanent home for the Orange tees.  So, plan on seeing construction the next couple of years.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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