2014 Bunker Renovations…


Completed this season:

Removed (turned to grass):

#3   Right Fairway.  #3  Fairway right needs more earthwork behind the new sod it to smooth a sunken drainage trench.

#5   Two Right Greenside bunkers by the cart path.

#7   Front Right Greenside.

#8   First Fairway bunker on the Right.

#8   Fairway bunker on the Right closest to the cart path  This is slated for removal.

#14   Left Fairway bunker.

#5   Fairway on the right has been re-seeded (again)  this is the third time for this bunker.  First time was late last year as a dormant seeding.  Second time was the spring right before very hot weather and then 10-3-14.

Renovated:  Which means: reshaping and size reduction to remove high flash-up causing siltation, repairing the drainage, and replacing the sand.

#8   Second Fairway bunker on the right.

#4   Greenside.


Rebuild:  Means to remove sand check drainage and replace sand to last renovation.

#16  Both Greenside bunkers are scheduled for new sand.


Scheduled for the rest of the season:  (weather permitting)

# 13  Fairway for removal.

#1  Fairway on the right is scheduled for removal.





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