#4 Cart Path Drainage 2013

1-10-13      Question:  Dave Stock- When are you going to fix the drainage and the cart path on #4 tee?

Answer:  Can’t give you an exact date.  My plan is to get to it as soon as possible.  It will be late in the spring or even summer.

1-13-13     Ok, I have finished the information for number 4 cartpath drainage.  (Actually, I had most of it done on Thursday.  Except the current cart path pictures.)  As you can see from the updated photos the low spot, the property line, and the drain in the neighbor’s yard.  I also included the projected location of the drain line.

9-2-13  Pavement update:  I know for you it has been a long time but Josh has been working on pavement repairs on #4 for quite a while and on 8-27-13 Heiberger made it out to do the nessary patches to the cartpath as well as the front entrance.  If it works out this may be an annual event!

So hopefully this will answer your question.

#4 Drainage repair the Final Report…

Follow this link to #4 Drainage



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