Weed Control Update:

6-28-15  Weed control is ongoing throughout the season.  Mainly because I am the only one here to spray the course.  So, as I continue to apply control, let me know of any areas that are becoming a real problem for you and I will move them up on the schedule.

10-3-14  I have competed wee control around all tees and greens, around fairways 4-9, Natural on 18/10, 14, left of 11, right of 13, behind 12, right of 17 tees.

9-2-13  We (I) will be starting to spray for weeds again for the fall run as things cool down.  As you can see the crabgrass has been hit and is turning brown.  I will be starting to do broadleaves in the cut rough in the next week or two.  With the new Nozzle I may be able to get it finished in a week.  Then I will start to knock down the Natural and spray it as I get it knocked down.

Broadleaf weeds have become a concern early this year.  Since it is finally warm enough in the evenings (little frost) and a sprayer upgrade,  I decided to give you an update on where I am on spraying the course for weeds.

8-1-13 Update:  Brandon & myself have been busy with the pull-behind sprayer.  We have one tank left to finish all of the cut rough and the first 25 feet of ‘Natural’ from the cut line.  (That means we drive the cut grass & property line and throw 25 feet into the ‘Natural’.)

After that we (I) will go back and start to hand gun the heavy weed infestations.  The weeds will curl, turn brown and die.  At worst they will weaken until cut down by the bush hog in late October.  In any cast they will be hit with weed killer until the cycle starts again next year.

5-4-12 Update:



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