Winter Work …What Do You Do In the Winter?

Quite often I am asked “What do you do in the winter?” or “Do you take the winter off?”.  Well, this section will keep you updated on what we are working on in the winter.

Our equipment is used many times a week and even daily.  So having a piece down for a week creates a major hardship and gives you a less than quality golfing condition.  With our equipment having the average “Born On Date” of 1994 it is important to give us the winter time to make time-consuming restorations and repairs or modifications.

Here is what we are planning for 2017. Equipment repair is scheduled so we can get sharp reels out this spring

Concrete “birthday cakes” for barrier fencing around the parking lot area.   Dec 2016-Feb 2017.

Repair and update the trash can bins around the cart barn.

Create new donut drains that will work in the cut rough with new drain grates.


Here is what we are working on in 2016. No equipment repair is scheduled so we can complete the clubhouse needs list.

Handicap parking sign “birthday cakes”.  Completed

Entrance fence(s) & “coffee cakes”.  Completed

Screens for the air conditioning units and gas meter.  Completed

Golf Shoe display shelves.  Completed

New mobile scoreboard.  Completed

New trash and recycling can enclosures. Completed

Ball picker cart Rebuild the engine and rear transaxle.  Working on them now, parts have just been rebuilt and returned for installation…4-1-16

Tree Removal (actually, Jon, Marvin & Scott)

Here is what we are working on in 2015.

Irrigation Trailer  3-27-15 completed.

Sod Cutter, Bed Edger, Roto Tiller Trailer

Stop Signs… completed and installed 4-28-15

Painting, Painting, Painting…

All Course Directional signs… 5-1-15 Completed and installed.

Here is what we are working on in 2014.

Hydro Seeder Trailer (sort of)   Final Update 3-13-14

Golf Cart Wires  Final Update 3-13-14

Making Donuts  Update: 3-13-14

Trencher Crumber  Final Update 3-10-14

SDI Sprayer Retrofit

Bush Hog Mower  Final Update 2-28-14

Utility Trailers  Final Update 2-28-14

Here is what we worked on in 2013.

Ball Picker

1-29-13 Update:

2-11-13 Update:



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