Crew Updates…

11-21-17  It’s back to Noah & myself full time.  Jim, Jordan, Doug, Grant, and Jason will stop by this winter when we need an extra hand.  We will be back at it when the weather breaks in the spring.  See you in 2018.  

6-18-17 Crew is one short.  We added Blake, Mitch, and Jesse.  All students that will be heading back to school this fall.  I will be looking for one more to finish the season.

11-18-16 Crew has finished for the season.  We have a few more days with a couple of guys to tie up anything that develops over the next couple of weeks.

6-22-16 Started Dustin this week.  Interviewed three others (none are available the rest of the season).  We will start losing Mason & Dustin mid August and Stu Sept. 1st.  We are hiring to replace them for the remaining of the season.

5-8-16 This week the plan is to start two new guys to round out the crew for the season.  We are starting at 6:00.

4-18-16 This week we start at 7:00 for a week or so then back to 6:30.  This weekend we start working now that the crappy weekend weather looks like it will let us work.  So the weekend help finally gets started! Once fairways get growing and Noah gets the second fairway mower serviced Russ will be starting back.

3-2-16  Monday March 7th we will be starting 2 people back at 8:00.  We will be adding to that every week until we get to full staff.

9-20-15 We are getting as much finished as possible with the minimum staff.  We will be going to a 7:00 start in a week or two.

6-28-15  We are battling the constant rains which is pushing back the bunker renovations but things are going pretty well.

5-17-15  Start time started at 6:00 last week and will continue until fall.

3-29-15  Looks like daylight will keep us at 7:00 for another week, then we will push it back to 6:30.

3-29-15  I am going to make it official…Weekend Start will be the 4th Starting at 7:00.

3-21-15  The forecast is much cooler that projected on the 5th.  It looks like the first day of weekend work will be on April 4th to start the season.  Then we will be on the regular schedule for the season. We should be starting at 7:00 maybe 6:30 depending on daylight. By then with sunrise at 7:13 we will be tight but should be able to stay ahead of play.

April Weather Forecast

3-5-15  Check out the forecast…March Forecast

If this holds true we should be getting ready for work next week and start the weekends as soon as we open.

2-24-15  With the snow cover and this bitter cold, it looks like we will be in for a delay on getting the season started.  Let me know if your status changes and keep warm.

2-9-15  We are 8:30-2:00 M-F   for the winter.  This will change when the weather breaks and we get golfers on a regular basis.

10-6-14  We are 7:00-3:00.  We may make another change depending on the weather in November.

9-8-14  We are 6:30-2:30.  Until October.

7-13-14  We are still at 6:00-2:00.  This will continue well into September.

3-26-14  We will be starting at 7:00 starting the weekend of the 29th & 30th.

3-16-14  We are starting Back March 19th at 9:00 am.  Then we will start the weekend schedule immediately on the 22& 23.  We will also be changing start time to 8:00 am on that weekend.

3-6-14  The newest plan is to start the crew back on March 19th.  That way we can get the course debris picked up while we wait for the weather to warm up.  We will be getting the course ready for the tournament scheduled for the 29/30th of March.

2-25-14  They finished the Bush Hog Mower.  That means all of the cracks and broken welds have been repaired.  We are waiting on parts for the Ditch Witch Crumber.  We found parts to replace the crumber that was trashed with the old trencher.  The crumber is the arm that keeps the loose trenching material near the chain so the machine can remove it rather than a person with a shovel.

1-15-14  We are getting the stuff painted (Zach & Noah).  Trailers have been checked out and repaired, skid steer bucket has a new blade, Gold tee markers and Pink posts are done.  Next to work on is conversion of the small SDI sprayer to boomless for spring weed control.

9-2-13  Tomorrow we start at 6:30.  That should last until about October 7th when we go back to 7:00 am.  Aerification is scheduled for October 2-4, it is unusual for a mid-week aerification but we need to push it back until the OCC girls tournaments are completed.  We are looking to add two-part time positions to finish the year and return next season.

8-1-13  We are trying to schedule a Nathan’s hotdog bash & golf before the teacher’s head back to school.  So, it will be short notice and before the 15th.

6-4-13  Still at 6:00.  More experienced help starting in the next two weeks.  This will help us cross train more.  We are still scheduling 5 hour days if you can not work weekends.  If you work weekends you will have the opportunity to get more hours and stay working on projects longer in the day.

5-6-13  Last weekend we started at 6:00 am.  We are now on our regular summer start time and should stay that way until September.  We may have a few deviations for early shotguns but for the most part this will be our normal time.

4-17-13  Schedule update:  Saturday we will start at 6:30.  Tee times are a little after 7:00 and we will be able to see if it is a clear day.  So get up a little earlier an I will see you there.

4-10-13  Schedule update:  We are now starting at 7:00 am.  This weekend we have play scheduled for 7:25 so we will need to be out of the shop in a hurry.  I will talk it over with the guys but I will be in a little early to open up and have the gates ready for your arrival.  The schedule will be on the board.

3-25-13  Schedule Update:  Snow covers the course for now.  Which means we can not get out to do anything until we can see some resemblance of grass.  My guess is that we will be able to get started about Thursday.  Maybe Wednesday for some limited clean-up. The nighttime low temperatures for the weekend will determine if the greens will thaw early enough for us to come in to cut/roll…

3-24-13  For Monday March 25, 2013 if Canal Winchester Schools are CLOSED due to the severe weather you do not need to report to work.  We will let the road crews do their work and  clear the streets without interference from us.

3-14-13  Staying on Schedule.  Starting guys on Monday the 18th with training to start one at a time over the next few weeks and weekends on the 23rd.

2-26-13  Weather is not co-operating with us for an early start.  We will be starting Dennis McKinster at the latest on March 18th I will be using him as a crew trainer and supervisor for the basic jobs.

1-1-13  Happy New Year.  Hope everyone has had a safe holiday.  Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about returning for the 2013 season.  The course is snow-covered with a forecast thaw next week.  If things go well we should start-up again for March 1st.

9-26-12 Starting Monday October 1st, 2012 we will be starting at 7:00am.

We will also be starting to aerify greens that day (weather permitting).

9-2-12  Starting Tuesday September 4th we will be starting at 6:30 and end at 2:30 weekdays.

On weekends we will start at 6:30 and stay until 10:30 unless we get frost or bad weather and then we will stay until we get finished with our assignments.


Starting Monday April 30th, 2012  our week day schedule will be 6:00am to 2:00pm


It is light enough to leave the shop at 6:20 but still too dark to mow.  We will most likely be changing start time again in a week or two.


Friday 4-13-12 we will be starting at 6:30 in the morning!  It is finally daylight enough for us to see to mow.  See you then.


Weekends have started, we are open, play has been pretty busy!  We have quite a few new people started with more to come.  Just to keep you updated we are starting at 7:00am on Monday March 26th.  Then it should be a while before it is light enough to get back to 6:30 or 6:00am. 

We have the week of April 15th Scheduled for aerification so if you are working during the week make plans to stay all day on Monday-Wednesday to get the job done.


Mark Novotny CGCS 


For those crew that are working elsewhere right now and are available for weekends, we will be starting on March 31st.  We have a two-day event scheduled on Friday & Saturday.  So, we can get started for the season that weekend.


Mark Novotny CGCS 


We are going to get started on March 5th.  At least those of you who are available during the week.  I would suspect we will be getting weekends started about the third week of March or even into April depending on how fast the temperatures warm up.  We need to stay out of the 20’s with low’s in the upper 30’s so the grass starts growing reasonably well.


It looks like things are going to get started in about a week or so.  Keep in touch and we can get things started soon.


It looks like we have a week of cold & snow coming at us.  So stay warm but give us a call to break up the reel sharpening!


Hello hibernating crew.  Just wanted to touch base with you this winter.  The weather seems to be maintaining an even keel thus far.  We opened last week, and are closing day by day based on the weather conditions.  There are open houses scheduled for each weekend in February.  We are hopeful the winter will continue to stay warm and we can get the season started earlier than we have the past 4 years.

If you have worked the past two seasons and are planning to return this year please get in touch with me soon so I do not give your position away.  If you worked to the end of last season give me a call as well.



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