How Do You Measure Up: Pros stats from 2014

Thought you may like to compare yourself to the pros since that is what we watch every weekend.  The thought I had was what we see on TV each week is the players at their best each week and not the PGA Tour players as a whole.  So I looked up the stats for last season and have given them here so that you can compare your game with the pros.

My golf history:  What first jumped out at me was when I played a shorter course I played better because even though I was pretty accurate I didn’t have the length.  I could chip and putt, but was always hitting a long iron into the greens where I was less accurate.  So when I was comparing myself to the best player on tour for that week (which is very silly) I became disheartened with the game.  I developed a ‘Personal Par’ (which I read about years ago in the 80’s) when I was first starting out in the game.

Set fit defines personal par as… the number of strokes you expect to take on the hole.  Forget what the scorecard says. Forget what everyone else is doing.  Play your game.  Having a goal of Personal Par defines your Strategy.  If the hole is too long to reach the ‘Green in Regulation’ Plan and Play to get to the Greens in birdie and two putt for Bogey.  36 putts and 54 strokes from Tee to Green means you shoot 90.  Plan to get to the Green in par and two putt for Double and Shoot 108. Balance your Strategy with your Skill and Set…

For me, my personal par was bogey, simple one over par for each hole from the regular tees.   Back then my home course where I worked had three tees to choose from.  Played a lot by myself (Walking $4.00 all day.) because I had the time to invest into the game.  My philosophy was simple.  Hit the ball straight so I didn’t lose any, and not give up strokes, hit close to the green (#11 green was 900 square feet) chip closer, and one putt.  Putts over 10 feet, leave them within a trash can lid.  Don’t freak out about a bad shot because one great shot can make up for it.  [Combine an easy and hard hole… On numbers 12 and 13 take it as a big par 10 (short par 5 and a long par 4)]

After 25 years of playing I told our pros “I got better than I ever wanted to be.”.  They thought that was weird since they never hear a golfer say something like that.  The realization to me was when I was able to play below bogey golf from our now ‘blue tees’ (which would have been the back tees at my original course).  So I met my goal (actually surpassed my goal) and now would never compare myself to the TV Pros we watch, I compare myself to the course and my Personal Par.

Here are the 2014 Stats:

How Do You Measure Up: Approach Shots

How Do You Measure Up: Putts

How Do You Measure Up: Scrambling




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