Golf Course Trivia 3

1.  We have 6 Triplex Mowers.  (3-cutting heads each) 

2.  We have 3 Fairway Mowers.  (5-cutting heads each) 

3.  We have 1 Close rough mower for around greens and approaches.  (3-cutting heads)

4.  Each reel averages 8 blades totaling 288 blades and 36 bedknives.

5.  A properly adjusted reel will…when placing two pieces of newspaper between the blades will cut one piece and leave one.

6.  Properly adjusted reels cut a grain of sand in half.

7. The lubrication between the bedknife and the reel is the plant’s chlorophyll and morning dew.

8.  We can sharpen 3 reels in an average day.

9.  The record number of bedkinves Mark has sharpened in one day is 15.

10.  There are 54 rotary mower blades on site including back-ups.



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