About Myself

Work History


Westchester Golf Course
October 1996-Present

Assistant Golf Course Superintendent New Albany Country Club
June 1990-December 1996


Muirfield Village Golf Club
Ohio State University Intern March 1989-May 1990
(2 Memorial Tournaments)


Youngstown Country Club 1988-1989


Foothills Golf Club 1987-1988


Mahoning Country Club 1984-1987


YBM Corporation 1977-1984


GCSAA Certification

 The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America’s (GCSAA) certification program has been recognized by the National Certification Commission (NCC) as “one of the most extensive and comprehensive certification programs for any profession.” The NCC is an independent source of information on the development and improvement of certification programs, and serves more than 150 associations and 300 certification categories. 

The CGCS designation is the most widely recognized in the golf industry and the highest level of recognition that can be achieved. Approximately 25% of GCSAA Class A members are certified golf course superintendents.

  To qualify for GCSAA’s competency-based certification program, a candidate must have at least three years experience as a golf course superintendent, be employed in that capacity and meet specific post-secondary educational requirements and/or continuing education points. The candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities are validated through the development of a portfolio consisting of their responses to skill statements, case-study scenarios and submission of work samples; an on-site inspection of their golf facility; and a rigorous six-hour examination covering: equipment, irrigation systems, materials and technology; golf course and grounds; human resources, rules of golf, financial and administrative systems, regulatory and programmatic systems, crisis management, project management and ethics and values.

 Maintaining certified status requires renewal every five years after the initial date of certification. To fulfill certification renewal requirements, a candidate must participate in 150 hours of continuing education and professional development.

  From: WorldGolf News for Thursday, December 1, 2005



One thought on “About Myself

  1. Mark, played your course yesterday in the AEP/AHA outing. You have some trees on the course that I could not identify. They are just outside the fairways and have dark green thick leaves. Trunks have a light brown color with some slight orange colors. When I tried to take a branch sample, it oozed yellow. Look a bit like a pear of some sort but grows very upright. I have some photos if you need.


    Posted by Scott Zanon | August 14, 2012, 1:29 pm

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